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NANO coatings

Neoxal Europe is a producer of anti-aging coatings for most types of surfaces. They ensure them protection, improve aesthetic values and increase their functional properties. The products we provide to our clients are highly technologically advanced. Both for professional use and for a wide range of individual recipients (marked with the symbol “DIY” – do it yourself).

Are there any items that you would like to extend their durability,  increase aesthetic and functional values?

Think about shiny, scratch-resistant and weather-resistant car body, stain-resistant upholstering, perfectly impregnated washbasin tap and worktop….All that items  without a need of cleaning them by detergents, but just with a dry cloth.

Is this effect possible?

The answer is: Yes! To achieve this, use Neoxal’s nano impregnation products .

They are created on the basis of structures with nanometric dimensions. Molecular chains 3D, complement and superstructure the surface at the level of individual atoms and molecules. As a result, a transparent, smooth and hard sealing layer with hydrophobic, antibacterial and anti-adhesive properties is formed on the surface.

It is resistant to mechanical, chemical and temperature damage for many years.

surface not covered with NEOXAL

surface covered with NEOXAL

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